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Other Features

With over 25 years of development experience, TSM is feature rich. We can not possibly tell you everything that TSM does. That story is ahead of you in your TSM journey.

Some other TSM features include:

  • Open up multiple windows at one time without affecting performance.
  • User-defined codes to categorise a job, a product, etc., for reporting purposes. Hundreds of ways to tailor TSM to your business needs.
  • Multi tiered security model.
  • User-defined fields allow you to add any additional fields you need to store your special job information.
  • Flexible business rule scripting engine without limits (A whole chapter could be devoted to this topic, it is incredible!).
  • Linked documents and document scanning
  • Reserved licences
  • Audit trails
  • Navman / TomTom integration

    • Send jobs
    • Receive Status updates
    • Receive Time entries for job commencement / completion
  • XML processor for reading inbound email and converting them to jobs

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