The Service Manager is composed of experienced and highly-trained professionals:

David Younger | Founder, Director, Chief Solutions Architect

Bachelor of Applied Science in Computing Science (Hons) Sydney Institute of Technology (UTS)
Founded TSM with over 30 years experience in field service and custom software development and a pioneer of mobility solutions in field service. Author of ‘Instant Profits’ guide to identifying and finding solutions to common problems faced by field service business owners.

David has personally developed, designed and deployed hundreds of business applications in a wide range of situations, gaining extensive hands-on experience in the area of Field Service. His unique insight and understanding of customer needs combined with his technical proficiency have enabled him to grow The Service Manager into a high-growth market-leading supplier of Field Service and Asset based business solutions.

Gary Miller | CEO

Gary transitioned to CEO for TSM in March 2019 after 3 years as Sales Director providing leadership for an improved Sales and Marketing Strategy. Gary is passionate about working with Business Owners and Senior Stakeholders to better understand their Business challenges, and to then explore credible Technology Solutions to improve bottom line performance, develop growth and competitive advantage and positively impact OH&S compliance and environmental responsibility.
Gary brings to the team comprehensive Leadership forged from over 20 years Sales, Marketing and General Management leadership roles built upon a foundation career in Management Accounting.

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