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Easy invoicing

A significant cause of customer disputes is late invoicing. TSM’s integrated approach makes it easy to quickly gather all the information you need to raise timely and accurate customer invoices.

Once raised, invoices are seamlessly passed through to your accounting package. Payments can be received and outstanding invoices and financial analysis reports easily raised.

Contract Jobs permit multiple invoices for progress payments against stages & variations and retention invoices can be automatically raised..

You can also selectively bundle invoices into a consolidated invoice at the end of the month and our report scheduler can batch email invoices directly to your customers.

Cash payments can be applied to one or more invoices and unapplied amounts are handled as open credits.

Other features include:

  • Create credit notes and apply them to invoices.
  • Multiple invoice layouts can be created and default layouts assigned to individual customers.
  • Create Point Of Sale invoices
  • Create multiple invoice layouts and assign a default layout to any customer

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