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Easily manage assets over many sites

  • TSM is a powerful tool to manage details of installed assets on multiple sites with full job history available to field workers.
  • Easily view serial numbers, location, purchase and warranty details, manufacturer, model and walk orders.
  • Easily link assets to jobs, copy or move assets between sites and handle swap-out repair stock with full movement auditing. Create checklists of special job tasks per asset and monitor usage counts if required.
  • Easily report on the cost of maintaining assets to determine when replacements are due.

Managing Scheduled Maintenance is easy with TSM

  • TSM Scheduled Maintenance facilities makes it easy to set up and manage complex periodic maintenance obligations and inspection tasks.
  • Selectively link client assets / equipment to schedules and automatically raise jobs, invoices or quotes for monthly, quarterly, annual or user configurable obligations and never miss a job again.
  • Easily add parts to jobs for routing billing such as rental, add checklists for schedule specific tasks, view schedule histories and track time allocated for maintenance vs actual time spent.
  • Asset / Equipment details added or updated on site or in jobs can easily update your asset / equipment register.
  • Equipment details / history are available via our customer Self Service portal.

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