When engaging the services of any one of our consultancy team we can provide the following services:

  • A comprehensive analysis of how you do business and how TSM can work best within your business.
  • Train staff on how use TSM in an effective and efficient way. 
  • Work with legacy systems to integrate data. 
  • Adapt software with customisation including scripts and reports as per your requirement and specification.

With the implementation of new business using TSM is essential to the success of the software that there is a review of business workflow and procedures. Once complete, we can match the software to your business practices to assure you get the best value and performance benefit.

TSM has built process flows around best practices in Field Service in areas including, scheduling, dispatch, monitoring, customer support, sales force automation and accounting. We offer process mapping from legacy systems, best practices process consulting, as well as business tune-ups.

Yet we also recognise that your business is unique, and therefore, has unique needs.

We will work with you to understand your specific business process flows and offer advice on how to best leverage our powerful applications. As a result, you can streamline your business and sharpen your competitive edge.

Whether you are just starting to learn TSM, need more training for your employees, or would just want to know what’s new and what’s been upgraded with TSM, we have training resources for you.

We offer the following types of training to depending on your needs:

  • Training with a TSM consultant onsite
  • Live-web based training classes
  • Electronic documentation


Training with a TSM Consultant Onsite

Need additional training for your TSM Software? Or do you want to train an additional member of your team?


Live-web based Training Classes Coming Soon!

TSM also offers a Live-web based Training Classes to its customers. The Live-Web based Training Classes offers diverse topics and subjects that the customers can choose from, depending on their needs.


Electronic Documentation

TSM provides comprehensive electronic documentation of the TSM Software Installation. There is also other available documentation that you can use depending on your requirement.


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