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Awesome Analytical Reports!

Reporting is critical to staying on top of what is happening in your field service business, and it often takes significant time and effort to generate them. Typical reporting software is cumbersome and time consuming to use, especially because most of the data is often in other areas of your business.

TSM provides hundreds of reports for you to analyse all aspects of your business. All reports are customisable to allow you to tweak the report exactly as you want it.

You can report on virtually any of the information stored within TSM and covers all aspects of your business including:

  • Profitability
  • Productivity
  • Analysis, KPI etc.

The My Reports module centralises reports from all over TSM that you run on a daily basis and you can easily produce them whenever you want.

All Reports can be viewed, printed, exported to Excel, Word, PDF or emailed.

You can even print a job report in the field using our TSM Mobile app.

The TSM Difference

Every part of your business can be quantified in some type of report, since all of the data is already collected in TSM. Some of the most common reports include:

  • Job Reporting
  • Customer Reporting
  • Inventory Analysis
  • Debtor Reporting

TSM's powerful report scheduler automates the production of report to print or email at a time of your choosing. Imagine having your weekly summaries automatically emailed to you every Monday morning.

Introducing TSM Query

Find the built in TSM report writer too powerful, TSM Query is an optional report writer add-on that allows you to easily create your own reports in minutes.

  • Select your fields
  • Choose from many advanced options such as count, total etc.
  • Set your filter criteria
  • Print, email, schedule for a later time
  • Create beautiful dashboard reports and gauges that update in real time

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