Dedicated TSM Support team

Our dedicated TSM support team handle level 1 and level 2 support and are backed up by our deployment and development teams

Free Support for Evolution/ Maintenance Customers

Customers on our TSM Evolution platform or on-premise customers with up to date maintenace receive free support from our dedicated TSM Support team.

The TSM Pay-per-Use Model

If you are not covered by our Evolution / Maintenance agreements, we offer a Pay-per-Use Model so whenever you call TSM for support, you will be advised at the time if the job is chargeable or not and can then make the decision to proceed and be invoiced aftwerwards.

Your First 15 Minutes are Free

We have instigated a 15 minute rule whereby support tickets that take less than 15 minutes to deal with are not chargeable. There is a reasonable use limit to this rule capping it at about an hour of free support per month.


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