Opening Letter from the
Managing Director

Over the Christmas and New Year period, I took my family on a long holiday. Now there is nothing particularly special about that apart from the fact that we rarely take long holidays. What was different about this holiday was that it was somewhat of an experiment. Let me explain.

My daughter Sarah has Downs Syndrome. The blessings are bountiful. She is loving, social, endearing, funny, and much more. Sarah is well known in my local community and loved by all. There are downsides however. She is stubborn, very hard to change her ways, a fussy eater, has very limited speech which makes her difficult to understand and is set in her ideas of what she will wear. OK, I summarised the life of Sarah into a few points, I know that’s unfair but we need to get this story in context.

So back to the experiment, could we take Sarah for an extended holiday into colder weather that included lots of walking and daily changes to routine. We were apprehensive, was it going to work out? Was the effort worth it? Should we just go sit on a beach and take it easy instead?

Well, I have to tell you she surprised us all. She was better than we could possibly have hoped for.


She walked everywhere, put on warm clothes when asked, even wore shoes and socks rather than her Crocs. She loved the roller coasters and because she was out interacting every day, her speech improved significantly and we even discovered meatballs. We all had a great time and we got to learn a lot more about Sarah’s capabilities.

Is there a moral here? Is there something to learn from this experience? Well, we knew we needed to change. We knew the voyage might be hard and the outcomes unknown. We might have expected setbacks along the way and perhaps, even total failure but we had to give it a go.

In the end, it turned out better than I could have hoped for. Although it was tough at times, the rewards were great and not only did Sarah grow in so many ways, the whole family benefited from the experience.

The story above could easily be applied to business. Sometimes we need to make the tough decisions, take risks and try new things with uncertain outcomes but you can’t sit back and do the same things day in and day out if you want your business to grow and thrive.


To Your Success,

David Younger
Managing Director
The Service Manager (TSM)


Entering Supplier Invoices

Sometimes, a supplier will send you an invoice for items you have ordered, before you receive the items. This needs to be entered into TSM for costing purposes, so it can be posted to the accounting package, and to avoid double entry.

TSM has a feature you can enable which allows un-received PO items to be allocated to a supplier invoice.

To enable this function:

1. Utilities > Setup > Purchase Orders > Page 2

2. Tick the option "Receive Supplier Invoice before Goods" and click "Save".

3. Log your Purchase Order in TSM as usual.

4. When you receive a Supplier Invoice in advance, locate the Purchase Order these items were originally ordered from.

Entering Supplier Invoices image

5. On the “Order Items” tab, click on the “Invoices” button.

Entering Supplier Invoices image

6. In the top right hand corner of the "Order Receipts" screen, change the drop down menu to "Supplier Invoice only (No goods to be received)"

Entering Supplier Invoices image

7. Enter in the quantity of each item which is included on this invoice in the "RecQty" column and the Cost per item in the "Cost" column. Then enter the Supplier Invoice details at the bottom left hand section of the screen, and click "Receive Now".

Entering Supplier Invoices image

8. The Supplier Invoice will appear in the "Supplier Invoice" tab as usual.

Entering Supplier Invoices image

9. Once the items have been received, click the "Receive Items" button on the "Order Items" tab as per usual. There is no need to enter the Supplier Invoice details as these have already been recorded.

Barcode scanning on TSM remote

TSM Remote allows the technician to capture and record information in the field. Quite often this information can contain long and cumbersome product ID's, serial numbers, etc which can take some time to enter manually. One way to make the technicians' lives easier is to replace their manual keyboard entry of these codes with automatic barcode entry.


There are many applications available in the Google Play Store which will replace the onscreen keyboard temporarily with a camera application which can intepret the barcode.

Please note: Due to system limitations on Apple products, these applications are not available for iPad users.

These keyboard applications work by fooling the tablet into thinking you have manually typed out the scanned data.

For example if you have the serial number or asset located as a barcode sticker on the equipment you are servicing, the technician would operate their TSM Remote as normal and position themselves in the serial number field.

Instead of manually typing out the serial number, they would use the barcode scanner application to scan, which will transfer the data scanned from the barcode into the serial number field on TSM Remote.

Remote image

TSM can even print the existing serial numbers, asset numbers, etc. as barcodes. If you would like assistance with this, please contact your TSM consultant or call the TSM support line on 02 8002 2311 to discuss your requirements.

Please note

1. Due to camera quality differences between devices, the scanning outcome and performance may vary.

2. As the input method is provided by a third party software distributor, TSM is unable to provide support for this application if you experience any difficulties with it.

Automation in TSM

One of the primary goals of TSM is to reduce time spent on administrative tasks. One of the best ways to achieve this is to automate common data entry processes.

Most users are familiar with the Import Utility in TSM, which allows Customer & Supplier, and Product records to be entered in bulk from existing spreadsheets. We are now also able to write custom scripts which import spreadsheet data into almost any table in TSM. Common imports done are Maintenance Site Asset lists, Schedule data, and Supplier Invoices.

These scripts can be run on multiple spreadsheets, and even automatically poll files placed into a directory. They can also obtain data from Excel/CSV files generated by 3rd party programs (such as Estimation, CRM, and Accounting packages).

TSM also ships with the XML processor, which is mainly used to automatically create new jobs in the program from emails sent in from customers, and reply with a Job/ticket #. More advanced setups allow this processor to automatically set Job details, further reducing admin time.

The final method of automating data entry is with custom workflow scripts (which we call 'hooks'). These trigger whenever a record is added to the database, and can perform a wide array of tasks. The simplest ones are used to ensure data entered into a particular field meets certain requirements. More advanced hooks can add items to a job based on Job logging settings or answers given on a Checklist.

If you are interested in implementing any of these automation options, please contact support@theservicemanger.com.








A Rosetta is made up of a centre coloured hexagon encircled by 6 white hexagons.

To complete the puzzle, fill in all 7 Rosettas with each number between 1 and 7 in no particular order while also ensuring that:

  • No number is repeated in a horizontal row.
  • Each number from 1 to 7 are represented in the 7 grey coloured hexagon cells.



Quotable Quotes...

"Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them."

- Steve Jobs

"One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man."

- Elbert Hubbard


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