Opening Letter from the
Managing Director

You might not be aware but over the last few months, I have been writing a book on our experiences with the service industry. This gave me the opportunity to reflect back over the last 25 years and how the impact of technology has changed service industry businesses.

Back then, people didn’t have mobile phones or computers and there was no internet. In car radios were the rage and I recall writing a custom solution for sending job details out by pager. That was hi-tech back then. Talk to a service manager and they had no idea about technology and in many cases, did not see why they even should. Microsoft Windows did not exist and everything was text based. In some ways, I reflect fondly on those days. They were simpler times.

We now expect our systems to be completely integrated; with information flowing round from the initial phone call in till final payment is received. Our field workers have devices that provide real time job information, customer signatures get captured and we never have to re-enter information into our accounting systems.


Systems now run all parts of the business. However, this means that users need to become more technologically savvy. It’s taken for granted with the younger ones but for many, change is inevitable.

It never ceases to amaze me when approaching a new prospect that they think that the software is the solution. Buy something off the shelf and it will run my business. This is so far from the truth it’s nearly laughable.

As many of you will know, purchasing the software is just the start of the journey. The true power of systems such as TSM is only released when it is tailored to your business. And I do not only mean when you purchase it. As time goes by, your needs change, your business grows and your use of TSM should evolve accordingly. Are there parts of TSM you do not use? Although it seems simple on the surface, there is a huge amount of detail under the surface waiting to be unlocked.

We have consultants available to discuss your use of TSM if you feel you need it.


To Your Success,

David Younger
Managing Director
The Service Manager (TSM)

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