Opening Letter from the
Managing Director

A lot has been going on here at TSM recently.

We exhibited at Xerocon at Sydney Olympic Park last August. We can see this as a great opportunity to liaise with book keepers and accountants to find out more about their needs and helping them can also help companies such as yours perform better.

You might be aware that new versions of TSM come out on a regular basis. These versions contain fixes and minor improvements but they also include significant new features from time to time.

I am very excited to announce some new features in the latest TSM release that could significantly boost your professionalism and productivity. Mapping has been significantly improved. Please check out the article in this newsletter for details. And there is more to come. With the next update to TSM Remote, we will be introducing Geo Tagging.


You will be able to monitor in real time the location of all of your field workers, assisting you in scheduling them.

We are excited to announce a major new Enterprise feature in report printing. You can now attach PDF cover pages to the front of your report and PDF attachments to the rear. So for example, a quote could have a corporate cover page and terms and conditions attached to the rear. Not only will your reports from TSM contain great information, they will also look great too.

As always, all changes and fixes are documented in the README.TXT file. If you have not updated your TSM but would like to know what is in a recent release, you can always choose the Latest Readme.TXT Online from the Help menu.


To Your Success,

David Younger
Managing Director
The Service Manager (TSM)


Timesheet Productivity

Run a report to show how productive Employees are based on time sheets.

1. Go to Reports > Time Sheets.

2. Change the Level of Detail to Summary.

3. From the Select Desired Report drop down menu, select ‘Employee Productivity Summary’

4. Enter the filter criteria you’d like to set using the Field name, Operator and Value, e.g. time sheets entered between two dates.

5. Press print.

Timesheet Productivity image

The report shows 1 line per Employee and compares the hours worked to the hours which have been billed, the total dollar figure billed to the client and the average rate charged out (the total billed divided by the hours billed.)

Employee Productivity

It is important that for this report to be accurate that employees log time sheets for all the time worked, even if it is unbillable. E.g. if an employee works 30 hours in a week, 15 of which are billable and they only log those 15 hours, the report will show their productivity rate at 100%, even though this is not the case.

To print a report which compares the hours billed to an expected number of weekly hours to be logged, in the same reports screen, select ‘Employee Productivity Summary- 40 Hour Week’ as the desired report. This should be printed for the period of 7 days.

Timesheet Productivity

This report is based on a 32 hour week by default. We assure there are 8 hours of legitimate down time that should be excluded. The report can easily be changed if you’d like the weekly number of hours to be altered.

This report shows hours worked, the percentage of the expected hours worked, hours which have been billed, percentage of the expected hours billed and the total amount charged to the client and the average hourly rate (the total billed divided by the hours billed.)

Employee Productivity



The latest release of TSM version 6.85 introduces significantly expanded functionality to our Google Maps feature.

Clicking the Map icon next to the Site on a Job, or the Address on a Customer card will pop up a browser window showing the location flagged within Google Maps. You can not only see the location of the site, you can also display directions from your office to their address displayed also, as well as directions from the Employee’s recorded home Address to the Site, giving instantaneous estimates of travel time to Jobs.

Customers utilising TSM Remote version 2.13, TomTom, or Navman can take advantage of our new Geo Tagging facility. Field Workers can have their current location continuously logged and sent back to TSM. With this information you can now have directions from the Employee’s current location to the Job Site appear, giving near real time schedule handling. Additionally, the map button in the Employee module can display the recorded movements for any day for the selected employee, allowing for an instant ‘Report’ of an Employee’s travels.


All Jobs that have Assignments in the Visual Scheduler or that appear in the job centre can now have their Sites displayed within a single map too, allowing for efficient scheduling of different Employees throughout the day/week. If you have Geo Tagging enabled, you can not only see the location of the jobs but you can also see the last known location of each employee or employees of a selected employee group.

If you are not currently using TSM Remote, TomTom, or Navman integration, please contact our Sales department for further information. Additional information on using the Google maps can be obtained from our Support desk.

Sending Progress Claims to Clients

Sending progress claims to clients have been a feature of the TSM Contract Jobs module for many years.

A feature which is being more commonly requested by TSM users is the ability to receive progress claims from suppliers.

This would be used in the situations where you have contracted project work to a third party and that third party is invoicing you as they go.

We are considering introducing this feature in an upcoming Enterprise release of TSM 6.x and would like your feedback as to how this should work.

The current suggestion is as follows:

On the Purchase -> Receive Items / Invoice screen we will add a 3rd option to receive a ‘Supplier Progress Claim’. This option will only be available if unreceived items exist on the Purchase Order.

  • New columns will be added in the ordered item grid for “% Claimed to date” and “$ Claimed to date”.

These will dynamically adjust each other (setting the % will determine the $ for that line item and vice-versa)

  • New columns will be added in the ordered item grid for “% Claimed” and “$ Claimed”.
  • New field for ‘Claim Date’ and ‘Claim Number’ replacing the invoice date and invoice number

The user will then be able to create the claim (essentially saving it in the system for later) but its status will be unprocessed.

A ‘recipient generated claim’ can then be sent to the supplier/contractor.

A report of ‘Unprocessed Claims’ will be made available.

‘Claim Number’ will be added to the Purchase Orders search criteria.

To process the claim, the user will go to the Receive Supplier Invoices screen as usual. A new list box will be available showing all unprocessed claims linked to this order. They will select a claim # from a drop down list and all items linked to that claim (and their claim %) will be displayed. The user will enter in the ‘approved’ % against each line item.

A button will be available to auto set approved percentage to 100% for each item to speed up data entry. Individual items could then be adjusted accordingly.

The Claim Number will automatically populate the Supplier Invoice Number field (this can be manually overwritten)

Once complete, the user will click ‘Receive Now’ as they usually do which will raise a Supplier Invoice in TSM (which can then be sent to the supplier for their records. This is a ‘recipient generated invoice’.

Another approach would be for the user to enter the claim details and the approved details at the same time, without having to leave the module.

If you have any thoughts on how this could better suit your operations, or comments on how we could improve our specification, please email support@theservicemanager.com

TSM Book Launch

Book cover


As the CEO of The Service Manager, David Younger has helped hundreds of his clients streamline their businesses, making their operations highly productive and profitable and he knows that he can help even more.

Instant Profits! is the perfect book for ambitious business owners or managers of field service companies that are determined to grow their profits through highly efficient operations and systems.

If you know someone who could benefit from this book or want your own copy, get a free copy today!

Simply register your details at www.freeinstantprofitsbook.com.au or call 02 9690 3888 and you will receive the Instant Profits! book in 5-7 business days. You may also email us at info@freeinstantprofitsbook.com.au

TSM Events


TSM was a part of Xerocon 2014 exhibition at the Sydney Showground last August 20-22. This is the biggest accounting technology conference in Australasia and featured insights into the future of cloud accounting technology. It showcased a wide range of products that connect with Xero (including service providers and cloud integrators) and there were also live product demos of different companies that use Xero daily in the technical stream.

TSM Booth


TSM Consultants

Xerocon Dinner

Xerocon Banner


There was another successful AIRAH Trade Night held in Cairns and our consultant stayed there for a few days to meet up with some of our existing clients in the HVAC&R industry. The next Trade Night will be held in Darwin on October 9 so if you are in Darwin, please don’t hesitate to contact us for details about the upcoming event. If you want to meet up with our consultant we would be more than happy to schedule an appointment with you. Please call 02 9690 3888 or email marketing@theservicemanager.com








Hitori is a Japanese puzzle game, played on a grid of squares.

Each squares contains a number, and some numbers are duplicated in each row and column.

The aim is to fill (black) out the squares so that there are no duplicate numbers in any row or column, similar to the a Sudoku puzzle.

  • The black squares cannot be adjacent to one another.
  • All white (non-painted) squares must form a single continuous area, undivided by black cells.

Hitori puzzle


Quotable Quotes...

“Without involvement, there is no commitment. Mark it down, asterisk it, circle it, underline it. No involvement, no commitment.”

- Stephen Covey

“In modern business it is not the crook who is to be feared most, it is the honest man who doesn’t know what he is doing.”

- William Wordsworth


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