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Job Tracking

TSM jobs provide a single point of access to all job information. Record customer / site details, billing information, service requested, employee assignments, parts and time used. Track jobs as they travel through various status changes through to completion and final invoicing.

You can assign technicians (individually, by group, by service area or qualifications), schedule the job date, time and duration, site location, service requested, job type, status code, department and much more.

If OH&S is important to you, add an OH&S or other check lists to the job (manually or automatically based on job type).

There are many options for getting jobs to your field workers. Jobs can be dispatch to field workers directly to their TSM Mobile mobile tablet, via print, email or you can SMS the job.

If you service multiple items of equipment, select customer assets / equipment to add to the job and track this under the equipment job history.

Add time and parts used directly to the job or order parts via our Purchase Order module to receive directly on to the job.

Once completed, raise an invoice and send it to the customer.

Other features include:

  • Choose from several Job Card layouts to suit your work flow, Light, Quick, Full or Help Desk.
  • Easily manage all email correspondence linked to the job, create job specific tasks and link the job to other jobs.
  • Jobs immediately appear in the field on TSM Mobile. Take over the counter sales with our POS job.
  • Priority codes can control Service Level Agreements (SLA) by automatically setting response times, whether parts / labour are chargeable and setting up Escalation times.
  • Easily view job history / audit trail.
  • Various trigger actions can automatically change the job status. For example, creating a job, assigning an employee, entering time, completing the job and many.
  • Easy access to detailed audit trails to determine who-did what-when, stopping confusion.
  • Add quoted parts and then convert these to actual parts, requisitions, commitments or purchase orders.
  • Take over the counter sales with our POS job.
  • Link documents directly to the job or automatically via the customer or equipment linked to the job.
  • Enter equipment counters (meter readings, usage counters etc) and update the equipment history.
  • Linked parts used to individual items of equipment.
  • Google Map integration to display the site location, directions to the site. In conjunction with our TSM Mobile software, Geo Tagging allows you to view the current location of all technicians in relation to this job to identify the employee to assign.


Easily create detailed quotes for your customers including optional items. Professional looking quotes can be printed with cover pages and attachments.

Once accepted, quotes are easily converted into jobs.

You can also add quoted parts to an actual job without creating a quote in the first place. Very handy for optional items.

Quoted parts can be converted into actual parts, committed parts or ordered directly on to the job. 

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