TSM For Fire Protection


Can You Improve Your Company’s Profitability?

Historically, Fire Protection companies have been paper intensive operations and have faced considerable costs, inefficiencies and associated problems. Is this the case? Is there room for improvement?

As a result of working with a large number of Fire Protection clients we understand the issues faced prior to installing TSM include:

  • Having comprehensive and readily available reports on specific areas of business productivity for Fire Protection servicing.
  • Reducing the overhead for extinguisher checks
  • Meeting Service Level Agreements
  • Difficulty tracking technician profitability & productivity
  • Providing customer reports on service records
  • Little information on technician costs
  • Preventative Maintenance obligations remaining unaccounted for
  • Tracking parts
  • Omitting to bill for stock and parts
  • Lengthy billing cycles causing cash flow problems
  • Heavy dependence on technicians accurately filling out paperwork & returning it in a timely manner.


TSM Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Are you still using manual processes, paper and homegrown systems to run your Fire Protection company? Have you considered the value of automation? Fire Protection clients tell us that automated job management, job tracking processes and the Contract Job module in TSM have significantly improved their productivity and bottom line.


Fundamental to increased profits for Fire Protection

  • Faster billing cycle – improving cash flow
  • Reducing the overhead foe extinguisher checks
  • Providing customer reports on service records
  • Increased technician productivity
  • Meeting Service Level Agreements
  • Improved billing for stock and parts
  • Meeting all preventative maintenance obligations
  • Improved customer retention through better service
  • Increased future sales through referrals and customer loyalty
  • Less paperwork
  • Improved stock control
  • Fast management reporting in all areas of the Fire Protection business
  • Improved ability to prioritise jobs and send technicians to critical jobs


TSM for Fire Protection

With over 25 years of experience working with owners & senior management in Fire Protection companies, TSM has a proven track record for improving profitability, productivity and accountability. TSM is the ideal partner to take your Fire Protection company to the next level.


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