The Future of Technology Disruption in Business (Infographic)

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The Future of Technology Disruption in Business (Infographic)

New technology’s relentless parade is unfolding on a plethora of fronts. Almost every innovation is touted as a breakthrough and the list of the next big things continue to grow.

While not every single emerging innovation is certain to alter the business landscape, some will truly disrupt every facet of a business, cause a change in the status quo, rearrange value pools, and affect the way we work and live.

It is therefore vital that we, as policy leaders, understand the future of technology and which advances will matter to our business to prepare accordingly.



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David Younger

CEO and Managing Director at The Service Manager
David Younger is Australia’s #1 Cash Flow Expert For The Field Service Industry. Over 25 years working with hundreds of field service business owners in virtually every industry, David has discovered the ultimate path to plugging up the “profit holes” in a growing business that will take it to the next level.
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