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The Service Manager is composed of experienced and highly-trained professionals:

David Younger, Chief Executive Officer

With over 20 years in the computer industry, David Younger has extensive experience in business consulting, programming, technical services and product development. Exposed to thousands of businesses and having run his own business all this time, David is in a unique position to understand and solve the everyday problems that cripple so many SME businesses.

Qualified with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Computing Science with Honours at UTS and numerous technical qualifications. David has personally developed, designed and deployed hundreds of business applications in a wide range of situations, gaining extensive hands-on experience in the area of Field Service. His unique insight and understanding of customer needs combined with his technical proficiency have enabled him to grow into a high-growth market-leading supplier of business solutions with installations in 7 countries that has tripled sales in the last three years.

Edith Tadanier, Director of Business Development

Edith Tadanier, Director of Business Development with over 13 years Banking experience , most recently as Vice President Global Treasury Services at Bank of America. TSM Management has extensive experience in the area of sales and relationship management in the Banking and IT Industries.

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