How to Empower Field Techs to Provide Top-Notch Service

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How to Empower Field Techs to Provide Top-Notch Service

Customer’s loyalty is what all organisations recognise and value. Yet, many enterprises seem to be failing at customer service without even knowing it. According to the infographic published by Help Scout, 80 percent of businesses believe that they have superior customer service. However, out of 100, only 8 consumers think that these organisations deliver “superior” service.

The same infographic reveals that having competent staff has a major impact in customer retention with 73 out of 100 consumers saying that interacting with a rude or incompetent employee turn them off. This results to 86 in 100 customers quitting doing business with a company.

What customers want is to feel that they are well taken care of. In order for that to happen, you need to come up with new ways to interact with them. Empowering your technicians with efficient strategies and the right tools can create a stellar customer service, making them feel appreciated and valued.

Read on and learn how you could empower your field workforce to provide excellent service and boost customer loyalty.

1 – Conduct On-Site Surveys

Customer service efforts are often derailed because businesses lack a plan, says Strategies For Growth president, Bill Pollock in a Field Service Digital article.

To achieve the goal of building a more satisfied and more loyal client base, Pollock explains that businesses need to conduct research to identify the needs and preferences of their consumers. Let your field techs help with research by doing an in-person survey or interview as soon as the job is complete.

custom survey


Creating an effective customer survey, however, can be quite challenging and only few succeed. According to a joint study by Zoomerang and the Gallup Group, the KISS (Keep It Short, Stupid!) methodology is a critical aspect of a good survey. This method suggests keeping a low character count and eliminating superfluous wording from the questionnaire. In other words, keep the survey or interview short without losing its intent.

Remember: If you do not need to know, don’t ask.

2 – Use Employee Videos to Your Advantage

Positive customer feedback can motivate field techs to be more productive at work, employee’s video can strengthen customer‘s loyalty. Technology and business writer Courtney Buchanan says, “employee-generated videos give customers an inside look of how the company operates and exactly who the techs are, creating a connection between the brand and the customer.”

Field techs are always on the run and often juggle numerous service calls and urgent repairs. Empowering them with behind-the-scene videos, they can show to their customers the product’s maintenance or repairs, helping them feel more connected to the business.

T60 Productions founder, Tony Gnau notes that a video can either feature the repairs and service that your employees or field techs are doing. By showing the human side of your business, you can show your clients what goes behind the brand.

3 – Boost Your Field Reps’ Communication Skills

Your employee’s interaction with your customers can greatly impact customer loyalty. In fact, 40 in 100 consumers consider great field service staff interactions as their primary driver for spending more on the service or products of the same company. Without effective customer service communication, field pros having the right skills, technical know-hows and training matter less.

  comm skills


Dr. Stephen Kosslyn, founding dean at the Minerva Project, understands that not all field reps are natural communicators. In an interview, he identified some communication strategies that could help the field workforce get their point across effectively.

It’s important that the first thing a service professional does is make sure that they understand exactly what the problem is. One effective way to do that is to simply paraphrase what the customer has said. Repeating the issue back to the customer can also be a very focusing experience for the service professional, and it can help them solve the problem.

Using the LOTS (Listen, Observe, Think, and Speak) approach is another effective way of improving communication with customers. “In any customer interface situation, simply think LOTS and you will be surprised as to how easy it is to know them,” Pollock notes. Learn more about this concept in his article.

4 – Use the Right App to Ensure a Fully-Stocked Truck

Maintaining a truck that is fully loaded with the right parts is easy, right? Well, not really. For a field worker who does not go to the office or warehouse every day, it could actually be a nightmare — especially if he or she doesn’t have the right software for the job. “Making sure your truck is re-stocked with the right parts for the day can be managed better with the right app on the technician’s mobile device,” says Robert Stanley of ClickSoftware.

mobile computing


A mobile app can help field techs identify parts and what needs replenishing, they can also communicate with the back office for inventory and parts requests. For instance, if a customer requires a special part and the service technician does not have it in the truck, he or she can simply access the inventory app and retrieve the part from the location closest to his vicinity. This allows them to complete the job quickly. With the swift service, customers end up happy and satisfied.

Field workers play a crucial role in field service. By empowering them with the required skill set and collaboration tools, you provide top-notch service that creates stronger and longer-lasting customer relationships.

Do you agree with the above-listed steps? How do you empower your employees? Share your tips in the comments.

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