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7 Surefire Ways to Boost Customer Satisfaction




Quite possibly a small business owner’s biggest differentiator is keeping customers satisfied and it is essential to any growing enterprise. If your customers are happy, they are more likely to buy your products more often or use your services more frequently. If they are unsatisfied, you may experience major business losses.

One study shows that 89 out of 100 consumers switch to a competitor following a bad customer experience while 60 out of 100 are willing to shell out more for a better experience. Regardless of how great your product, you won’t get your clients love if you fail to nurture your customer relationships.

Many business owners like to think that they are good providers of great customer service, but as the demands of the consumers increase, many companies are struggling to keep up. In today’s increasing customer –centric landscape, how can organisations drive customer satisfaction?

Below, are simple and effective tactics to embed great customer service into your day-to-day operations and instill it into your business philosophy.


1 – Measure Customer Satisfaction








Unless you measure customer satisfaction, you can’t truly manage it for improvement. In an article, Ross Beard suggests focusing on customer satisfaction metrics and using customer support tools to measure customer satisfaction so businesses can benchmark customer experience.


2 – Facilitate Feedback

Listening has always been a key to effective customer service. By facilitating feedback, it shows that you are listening to your customers and eager to keep the lines open for communication. To gain a clear understanding of your customer’s concern, solicit feedback by asking them some clarifying questions, taking notes, or repeating what he or she has told you.

With their feedback about your products or services and the quality of service you provide, you may be able to find ways to make sure your company stays relevant to them. Remember, customer service is about meeting your customer’s needs and expectations. In order to satisfy them, you must understand what they want and consistently provide it to them.


3 – Treat Customers the Way You Would Like to be treated

How you treat your customers speaks a lot about your business and has something to do with how you want to be treated as a customer. If you are having difficulty developing new ways to provide an improved customer experience, tackle the conceptualisation in a different perspective.

“Have your filter on and put yourself in their shoes,” says Caron Beesley of the U.S. Small Business Administration. “A good way to instill this attitude among your staff is to do some simple role play in which they act out a few scenarios that involve both easy-going and difficult customers. Observe how they handle the situation and coach them on areas to improve.”


4 – Build Customer Service Communities Online

These social groups have been around for years, but today, businesses are harnessing the communities’ features to reduce expenditures, generate ideas, test new products, and increase customer trust.

According to a survey, 72 percent of organisations use online communities to get product feedback while 62 percent leverage them to collect new product ideas. This only goes to show that as data becomes more prevalent in the modern economy, so does online customer service communities. These platforms are great consumer touch point, which enables businesses to engage them directly and get issues fixed immediately.


5 – Reward Your Employees

Employees are usually a business’ first line of contact with the customers. When they feel appreciated, they are able to give better outputs and show improved customer service. It pays to make employee satisfaction a priority.

“When your employees are happy, they can provide better customer service,” explains one Customer Think article. “Give each employee a personalised ‘thank you’ every now and then, and introduce an employee of the month program, if you don’t have one already. If you can help your employees take pride in their jobs, their work performance will also improve.”


6 – Automate Your Workload

If you haven’t embraced the concept of workload automation, then you are missing out on a key ingredient when it comes to customer satisfaction. Beyond offering solutions to customers, great customer service is about knowing how to manage, respond, and resolve the issues your business tackles on a daily basis.

With an enterprise job scheduler that improves your workflow’s speed, you are able to provide better service and keep your clients loyal. Nearly eighty percent of customers expect a swift response (less than an hour) via social media while over 40 percent expect to receive an email response within six hours.

An automated workload also means better collaboration among departments, allowing employees to manage processes that involve customer service. Moreover, implementing automation reduces employee errors and business downtime, which contributes to how long a customer has to wait for a service.

As Inc.com explains, “Everyone is busy, and if your company can’t provide the highest levels of service your customers won’t hesitate to find someone who can. Customers waiting time needs to be eliminated or managed. Bureaucracy needs to be replaced with customer-friendly processes. Be easy to do business with, and your customers will reward you over and over again.”


7 – Don’t Stop Improving

Spend some time every day on the things that you can do to enhance the customer experience. Just because you’ve integrated an enterprise job scheduler into the business processes, doesn’t mean you should stop there. Continue to find ways to improve your customer service and learn to develop a customer-centric mindset to help inform decisions and give your business a leverage against the competition.

A constant customer satisfaction improvement should be in every organisation’s business goals. Beyond increasing customer loyalty, this can significantly boost profitability. The pursuit of providing a greater customer service requires hard work, but it’s all going to be worth it.

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